Mission & Vision

Herpetological Association in Bosnia and Hercegovina: BH-HU: ATRA has been established in august 2013th;

Its vision is to become the leading body in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) for management and conservation of amphibians and reptiles (herpetofauna) and their accompaining habitats, thus participating in creating a stable and functional network of protected areas.

The mission of the organization is conducting research and conservation projects of herpetofauna species. In collaboration with local, regional and international experts, the strategy of ATRA is based on achieving synergy by exchange of experience and knowledge, constant education and lifelong learning in order to fulfill our objectives.

Main goals: By ordinarily updating our database, ATRA aims to:

  • develop and promote scientific and technical research of B&H herpetofauna
  • participate in the study and protection of different ecosystems inhabited by herpetofauna species,
  • involve in legal procedures essential for establishing functional conservation systems for B&H herpetofauna 
  • advocating for evaluation, protection and preservation of nature and environment,
  • popularize herpetofauna species through education and practice,
  • promote volunteerism and public participation in security and research programs and projects,
  • encourage sectoral, cross-sectoral, regional and international cooperation.