Biodiversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and question of its protection

21 Nov 2017

Within BHHU ATRA "Get to know and protect the unique biodiversity of B&H" project, in the mountaineers' lodging "Bijele vode" on Bjelašnica mountain, on Saturday, 11.18.2017 the first round table discussion of non-governmental associations sharing the same goals and activities was organised and in domain of exploring and inventory of biodiversity in B&H, and the protection of species and natural areas of B&H.

Participants of this meeting were representatives of NGO sectors of following associations:

Emina Šunje i Adnan Zimić (BHHU:ATRA),

Dražen Kotrošan - (Ornitološko društvo NAŠE Ptice),

Dejan Kulijer (BIO.LOG;),

Adi Vesnić (BIOSPELD),

Nedim Jukić (Amatersko mikološko udruženje),

Andrej Gajić i Adla Kahrić (Sharklab ADRIA),

Berina Vrhovac (Udruženje studenata biologije u BiH; USB u BiH),

Mirko Šarac (Naša Baština),

Džana Bordanić (Terra Dinarica),

Azra Hajrudinović-Velagić (GIZ).

The main goals of this round table discussion were connecting and mutual representation of aforementioned associations, and discussing of cooperation mechanisms between NGO and governmental sectors.

Discusses topics:

- communication between NGO and governmental sector, and establishment of data exchange system, requirements and problems,

- data exchange on biodiversity and potential mechanisms and solutions,

-official unification of NGO sector into one functional body.

All present representatives of the association brought the initiative for organizing the meeting with governmental sector, aiming at establishing better communication and bringing proposals with hope of solving the problems defined in the round table discussion.

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