Tissue (DNA) database

Throughout many years of field research, we also worked on collecting tissue samples for DNA analyses, primarily tissue samples of different amphibians and reptiles, even though our database contains a smaller amount of vertebrate samples. Tissue, or DNA, databases are extremely important for assessing genetic diversity, evolutionary, phylogenetic and population genetic studies, as well as for genetic characterisation of natural resources (DNA barcoding). DNA analyses are irreplaceable in doubtful species and hybris determination. They represent a priceless source of data on Bosnian and Herzegovinian biodiversity. Our database has 651 entries at the moment (July 2020). We are also constantly working on our sightings database that has literature data as well as our personal observations - that database has over 5000 entries as of July 2020.

Our aim is to promote scientific research and we are ready to send any necessary DNA samples to laboratories worldwide who work on herpetology. If you have any questions or want us to cooperate, please contact us via contact form on our website or via e-mail bhhu.atra@gmail.com.

Number of samples as of december 2017.