Hosting president of BHHU ATRA Emina Šunje on TVSA: Appearance of snake in primary school Musa Ćazim Ćatić

07 Nov 2017

The President of the BHHU ATRA Association Emina Sunje was invited by TVSA to participate in the TV show “Sarajevsko jutro”. The reason for this visit is the appearance of a snake in the elementary school Musa Ćazim Ćatić, as well as the fear among the citizens about the possibility of the presence of venomous snake.

Emina Šunje presented the work of the association and explained the scope of work as well as the meaning of the name of the association and meaning of herpetology. Through this hosting, you had the opportunity to hear about the activities and projects that the association organizes each year.

Viewing the video where the snake appears in the elementary school room, it was not possible to accurately determine the exact species due to poor resolution, but it was safe to confirm that the snake is not a venomous species, and it is most likely a dice snake, grass snake or aesculapian snake. In this case, such snakes are not venomous, and citizens should not be afraid. Regardless of what is a harmless kind, people should be cautious because any bite of any wild animal can cause an infection. These animals shouldn’t be killed because of unjustified fear, but should be free to contact our association or carefully bring them back to nature.

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