News report by Al Jazeera Balkans European Researchers' Night featuring Adnan Zimić

26 Oct 2017

This year BHHU ATRA has once again participated in the European Researchers' night. We have been presenting our work and our research for four years and this year we decided to present our current project, Biodiversity in BiH, as well as the Albine Newt (Triturus Alpestris reiseri), as one of the most endagered species.

If you would like to find out what our stand looked like this year and what the Alpine Newt looks like, or you are interested in the importance of Eurpean Researchers' Night for an association such as ours, feel free to open the photo and view a short news report by Al Jazeera Balkans featuring Adnan Zimić, the representative of our association.

Objavio: Emina Zadnji update: 2018 Feb 03 16:50