Round table between Government and non-governmental sector on topic: Biodiversity of B&H and question of its protection

31 Jan 2018

In the first part of the program, each of the NGO sector participants had the opportunity to present, through short, uniform presentations, the work of their association by providing all basic information about their way of work, information related to their database that they own and mantain, way of functioning, and to present the projects that they conducted in area of biodiversity in B&H. 

In the second part of the program, Adi Habul from the Environmental Fund and then Azra Hajrudinović Velagić from GIZ with relevant information regarding the establishment of a database on biodiversity, spoke to all present, after which an open discussion on the following themes were presented:

1. Communication NGO - Government Sector, Exchange of Information, Needs and Problems: The NGO sector concluded that in the near future will submit a letter of initiative, to Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, on the need for establishment of the Institute for Nature Protection in FB&H.

2. Exchange of Biodiversity Information - Possible Mechanisms and Solutions: Both the Government and NGO sector have shown willingness to start a joint meetings on a quarterly basis on which they would try to elaborate cooperation in details and to start implementing mechanisms of cooperation on the issues of biodiversity of the FB&H. It was concluded that the topics that will be discussed at the agreed meetings will include the following issues:

-Joint work of two sectors: developing a common vision, mission, definition of goals and win-win options.

-Register of non-governmental sector dealing with research and protection of biodiversity B&H.

-Quotes of the memorandum about cooperation of Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism -Government Sector.

3. Joining idea of NGO Sector: Representatives of non-governmental organizations have unanimously confirmed that they are interested in the formal joining procedure of NGO sectors to raise the competences of separate work at a higher level.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all associations and representatives from the government sector for their presence and successful discussion on the roundtable.

Objavio: Emina Zadnji update: 2018 Feb 03 16:50