The winning photograph of fire salamander taken by our team member Ana Ćurić

31 Oct 2017

The Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the Republic of Srpska celebrated the European Heritage Days 2017 having organized a programme including a photo-picnic in Pecka near Mrkonjić Grad.

Each participant was taking photos of nature on their way from Banja Luka to the location where the photo-picnic took place.

BHHU-ATRA team member, Ana Ćurić, has won this year's photo contest with her photograph of the salamander (Salamandra salamandra). Her photograph will be published in the brochure of the Coucil of Europe.

You can access Ana's, as well as the others' photographs that were shortlisted via the following link:

Objavio: Emina Zadnji update: 2018 Feb 03 16:50